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How I Landed More Than 1 Million Dollars In Revenue For Seattle Data Guy

One concern many individuals have when they start consulting and in turn start trying to figure out how to land clients is…

Does blogging still work?

Does using SEO provide value?

I am here to say, the answer is YES!

And to demonstrate that, let me share a recent short story.

SEO For Better Or Worse

Just a few months back I was putting together a proposal for a past client. I had worked with them before and they wanted to bring me in on another project. As per usual I wasn’t the only one bidding for their project.

So I put together my standard proposal and the project was looking to be a near 200k project. Perhaps I was a little too excited, the client was very happy with the last project I had done for them so I assumed I had a good chance of taking on the project.

Now on our discovery calls it came out that they had a few very specific needs. I wasn’t 100% sure how to solve the problem but I was more than certain I could. So I added in a point of how I’d go about solving said problem in the proposal.

All that being taken care of I submitted my proposal and waited to hear back. At this point, I already had much of the first half of 2024 allocated bandwidth and this project would likely close it out.

This means I wouldn’t have to spend too much time searching for work for the next year (very exciting).

Then came the day when the client finally reached out with their decision. In the end, they didn’t pick any of the consultants that had pitched. Instead, they happened to find another consulting company that put out a blog on the exact problem they were facing. It was a case study walking through how they solved it for another client.

Guess what.

They picked that consulting company.

It makes sense. The goal of VPs and Directors is often to de-risk projects. A great way to do that is to hire people who are experts in the exact problem they need solved(sometimes regardless of a point).

Examples Of My Content That’s Landed Clients

how to grow a consulting company

And here is the thing. Many times, I have been that company. I have been the one who has taken a project from another consultant because I had the exact right content at the exact right time.

So yes, blogging, putting out case studies, these marketing efforts do work.

That’s why I love using past projects as a way to inspire my content. Because more than likely if two or three clients/prospects bring up a specific problem, then more people have that issue.

That’s why I put these videos together below.

Looking to start your own data analytics consulting company? Not sure how to attract clients, partner with the best vendors, or choose projects you're passionate about?

I've been there. In my Technical Freelancer Academy, I share how I built a successful data analytics consulting business from the ground up. A business that made it possible for me to quit my data engineering job at Facebook.

See you there!

These pieces of content alone have landed me nearly half a million dollars in projects(and others have landed the other half). Will every piece of content you put out do that?

Of course not.

But honestly, you never know when something you wrote will speak to a possible client.

The whole reason I started the Technical Freelancer Academy was because I had dozens of people reach out for advice on starting their own consulting company and I wanted to share how I was able to go from side-hustling to quitting Facebook.

Once a few people ask you about the same problem, it’s usually a good sign that there are more people who don’t know you’re the one that can solve it!

Also! I’d love to know if you have any thoughts on the course and the current pricing model!

So if you’d like to share any of your thoughts, then feel free to respond to this email!

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